GSoC'23 Final Blog Post | Summarising GSoC and future plans #6

2023-08-26 | #GSoC-23 #kde #planet-kde

In this blog post I will be summarizing my experience and learnings during the amazing 12 week of the Google Summer of Code with KDE. So this week GSoC finally comes to an end; it almost feels like yesterday when my project proposal finally got selected. I still remember how happy I was to receive the opportunity to work on projects which will be used by thousands of people. I would like to thank my mentor Carl Schwan for being so patient throughout this journey.

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GSoC'23 July Report | Further Progress on the Moderation Tools #5

2023-08-09 | #GSoC-23 #kde #planet-kde

I have summarized the entirety of July’s work in a single blog post, as I got quite busy with university in the last few weeks 😢. Progress made on the Report Moderation Tool I started with the Report Moderation Tool’s further implementation and managed to implement almost all of the features smoothly. However, I encountered a problem with the self-assigning and un-assigning of reports, which caused the application to crash with a segmentation fault.

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GSoC-23 Week 3-4 | Finalizing Account Moderation tool & Adding Report Moderation Tool #4

2023-06-30 | #GSoC-23 #kde #planet-kde

Hello world, This is my fourth blog post and a continuation to my previous blog posts for Google Summer of Code 2023 under KDE. In this blog, I will be sharing my experiences during the 3rd and 4th weeks of GSoC'23. Week 3 | Finalizing Account Moderation tool In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I had worked on implementing the initial page of the Account Moderation Tool in the first two weeks.

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Polybar + Plasma 🫰 | Using Polybar with KDE plasma

2023-06-28 | #kde-plasma #linux #polybar

Backstory I love using KDE’s Plasma. In my opinion, it is the most easily customizable and perfect desktop environment out there. While Plasma’s panels are undeniably awesome, I believe that Polybar has some advantages over them. While configuring polybar with plasma on my machine I ended up wasting a lot of time debugging expected behaviors, so I writing a small and simple guide on how you can use polybar with plasma 😁.

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GSoC-23 Week 1-2 | Adding Account Moderation Tool #3

2023-06-15 | #GSoC-23 #kde #planet-kde

Hello world, This is my third blog post for Google Summer of Code 2023 where I will be sharing what I was able to accomplish in the first two weeks. The first task I worked on was implementing the account moderation tool. This tool enables moderators/admins of an instance to view all the accounts available on the server and take action against them. Before starting with its implementation, I requested Carl to schedule a meeting so that I could gain a better understanding of the implementation process.

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