Google Summer of Code Introductory Blog #1


Hello world,

This is my first blog post for Google Summer of Code 2023.

During the Google Summer of Code timeline, I will be working on implementing the admin APIs in Tokodon. These APIs will provide mastodon moderators with a suite of moderation tools within Tokodon. I would like to thank Carl Schwan ❤ for mentoring me during Season of KDE and once again for this project. I am really grateful to work under his guidance. By implementing this new feature, Mastodon moderators will be able to easily adopt Tokodon and utilize moderation tools within the application.

I haven’t come across any Mastodon client that implements the admin APIs so by implementing this feature in Tokodon, we can ensure wider adoption. I’ve already started working on implementing the feature and have been maintaining regular communication with my mentor.

I will be writing regular blog posts on my website. You can follow my progress here