GSoC'23 Final Blog Post | Summarising GSoC and future plans #6


In this blog post I will be summarizing my experience and learnings during the amazing 12 week of the Google Summer of Code with KDE.

So this week GSoC finally comes to an end; it almost feels like yesterday when my project proposal finally got selected. I still remember how happy I was to receive the opportunity to work on projects which will be used by thousands of people. I would like to thank my mentor Carl Schwan for being so patient throughout this journey. A special thanks also goes to Joshua Goins for providing detailed reviews to my Merge Requests and assisting me in resolving several of my bugs.

I have been advocating for KDE and its products in my social circle for a long time now (probably annoying everyone at this point 😆). It feels unreal that during the past 12 weeks I was able to contribute 6k+ lines of code to KDE’s Tokodon. This is my largest contribution to KDE so far and I feel delightful for it.

My project “Adding moderation tools to Tokodon” met almost all of ts goals, and I will be working on fixing minor bugs and writing unit tests post GSoC to improve it even further. If you are a mastodon moderator be sure to try Tokodon’s moderation tools for managing your instance.

I thank Google and KDE community for giving me this incredible opportunity. After spending these 12 weeks working on Tokodon’s codebase, I feel a lot more comfortable with large code bases, debugging code and feel like a much better programmer 💪.

Post GSoC, I plan to contribute more to KDE and other interesting open source projects. I will also try helping upcoming KDE contributors. Other than contributing to KDE, I plan on learning GoLang and work on writing a compiler along with my CS course.

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