Season of KDE Blog #1


I was first introduced to Linux when my outdated computer could not run Windows anymore. I had previously heard some information about LINUX while surfing the internet, but my initial impression was that it was highly sophisticated and exclusively for programmers or mainly hackers :). I finally started using Linux Mint, and was moved by how quick and configurable it was 🤩.

After a few distro-hopps, I finally settled for KDE Neon being amazed by how easily customizable it was ❣️

Motivation for applying to sok’23

I was very much content with KDE plasma but I always found some minor annoying bugs here and there, it was also around this time I got started with programming and was looking into ways to get better at it, so I decided that I would contribute to KDE 😇, and like every other beginner, I didn’t know how to navigate through such large repositories of KDE. I also learned about the Season of KDE program, which assists in onboarding new contributors for KDE, so I decided to apply.

My Project

My project for SOK’23 is improving the accessibility of Tokodon by writing appium tests. My project involves two parts: the first one is making Tokodon work without internet connection so that it is ready for tests and then the second part is writing GUI tests to improve accessibility. You can find my full project proposal SoK Proposal for Tokodon.

Work done so far🤗

Week 1-2:

In my first week, I researched how I would run Tokodon without network connectivity. I tried to reverse engineer the existing unit-tests, and created a new start file offline-main.cpp, and by the end of the second week, I could start Tokodon without network connectivity with some broken UI.


Week 3-4:

The next step was writing appium test for the search functionality. For this, I first fixed the broken search UI by reversing the already written unit-test for search and following which I wrote my first test for testing the GUI of search. The final result is shown in the gif below:


Week 5-6:

In these weeks I, with the help of the maintainers of Tokodon, fixed the breaking pipelines of tokodon-offline and also wrote another appium test for testing different types of timeline statuses.

What I will be doing in the upcoming weeks

In the upcoming weeks I plan to add more appium tests and fix broken UI elements in tokodon-offline.